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The ABOLLO RIDGER is mounted to the tractor through a three-point hitch system, which takes the tractor's pulling force. It has a channel (arc) opening capability up to 80 cm wide. A total area of 6 meters, including 3 meters each going and returning,  is prepared for planting and sowing. The required working depth can be adjusted up to 30 cm depth from the wheels on both sides. It is easy to use and has 4 canals (arc) opening feature at the same time. The work width is made proportional to the width of the tractor track and the tractor wheel track doesnt damage the openned canals. It also provides time and money saving because it has been designed compatible to go and return plowing sides of field.

Ridger || Abollo Agricultural Machinery
Model   TY-RG4
Length cm 400
Width cm 145
Height cm 116
Weight Kg 430
Working Width cm 300
Working Depth cm 30
Width of Channel cm 60
Distance of Legs cm 96
Tire Dimensions - 7.50x16
Tractor Power Hp 70-85
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