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Combine Harvester  Abollo Agricultural Machinery Combine Harvester  Abollo Agricultural Machinery

Combine Harvester

The ABOLLO COMBINE HARVESTER harvests the cereal (wheat, barley, oats, beans and the like) and separates the grain from the stalk, making the stem into straw and loading the straw another vehicle. It first holds out the seeds in its depot and carries out the functions of transporting the store to another carrier at the same time. The machine that provides the needed power to perform these functions, (minimum 70 Hp.) is a harvester with a high maneuverability that works comfortably even in the smallest size of the field.

Combine Harvester  || Abollo Agricultural Machinery
Model   TY-CH1200
Lenght cm 660
Width cm 260
Height cm 260
Weight kg 3250
Bater Finger Units Qty 54
Bater Width cm 1200
Harvesting Width cm 200
Harvesting Height cm 8.Eki
Store Capacity kg 700
PTO Rotation rpm 540
Tractor Power hp 70
Tire Dimesions   10/75-15,3
Working Capacity kg/h 500-1500
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