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Disc Furrower  Abollo Agricultural Machinery Disc Furrower  Abollo Agricultural Machinery

Disc Furrower

The ABOLLO DISC FURROWER is used in the mechanized building of a solid furrow or ridge of 30 to 35 cm in height and adjustable width in accordance with the recommended spacing for the crop, preparing for the planting and / or performing the so-called “ridging”, which consists of placing soil on the roots of crops (potato, sweet potato, cassava, yam) and others such as tobacco, peanuts, pineapple etc.. This operation is vital to the management of weeds and formation of the root system.

Disc Furrower  || Abollo Agricultural Machinery
Model   TY-DF4
Length cm 1456 4
Width cm 273
Height cm 133
Weight Kg 440
Working Width cm 250
Working Depth cm 33
Max. Width Between Ridgers cm 110
Disc Piece Qty 4
Disc Diameter cm 66
Tractor Power Hp 65-80
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