The ABOLLO AUGER CONVEYOR WITH SHAFT AND ELECTRCITY is used for the loading and unloading of cereal products such as barley, wheat and sunflower, beans, etc. pulses. The tractor is moved by the shaft from the pto shaft or by means of the belt pulley from the electric motor when desired. There are 3 main types according to shaft capacity, helical capacity, loading height and electric motor phase. According to the capacity, two models are being manufactured with pipe diameters of 139-168 mm. According to the loading height, 2 models are being produced with 8-10 meters. It is manufactured as 220 V two phase (only for 140 mm pipe diameter) and 380 V three phase according to electric motor phase. The loading height can be adjusted with the pulley rope system. Depending on demand, only spindle with shaft and electric motor spiral are produced.