The ABOLLO FIELD SPRAYER is effectively used in the struggle against harmful pests and diseases that infest plant crops such as grain, cotton, beet, cereal, maize and sunflower. It is also used to destroy unwanted plants and weeds. There are two different models for connecting the tractor hanger type from the hydraulic lever to the 3 points and the pull type from the tow bar. The pressure required for spraying is provided by membrane pumps. The operation of the pump is achieved by the action taken from the tractor Pto  shaft. Disinfection tanks are available in two types for use as fiberglass or polyethylene tanks. The spraying is done by means of spraying arms which can be produced on demand. Thanks to the shock absorbers on the machine, it provides effective spraying by ensuring that the spraying arm is always parallel to the surface of the field. The spraying arms are equipped with brass body clamp injection as standard.