The ABOLLO TWO ROWS MAIZE CHOPPER has a working width of 1.25 mts and can cut - harvest - two rows at a time thanks to cutter and feeder drums. Thanks to its fold-back feature, it provides road opening on the field, reducing the number of turns in the field and preventing the corn from being crushed by the tractor on the field. Cutter and feeder drums cut corn and feed it to the feeder unit. The feeder unit feeds the disruptive blades on the fan at the right angle, ensuring the best quality disintegration. The fan with 12 cutter blades ensures that the corn breaks down to a minimum of 5 mm. There are two feeder rollers and two press rollers that allow the corn to go to the kneader. The printing drums are used to convey the corn plant's body and its cobs to the  breaker fan with right angles, these drums are positioned horizontally in front of the kneader fan. A safety bolt, which can be easily accessed inside the machine, is installed to protect the feeding unit against stone and soil intake. Protect this nut against the intake of stone and soil by the feeding unit during working on difficult conditions. The wheel height can also be adjusted even during operation to prevent stone and soil ingestion while working in tough conditions. The chimney swing system can be easily controlled by the operator with the aid of a hydraulic arm through the tractor. The chimney has the length and height to be able to load on the trailer on the way back. There is also a chimney extension option that allows you to discharge to trucks and higher trailers. The grinding process can be done easily thanks to the knife sharpening system placed inside the machine. The machine height for the road position can be reduced by folding the upper chimney.