The ABOLLO SINGLE ROWS MAIZE CHOPPER allows the tractor to be easily controlled during operation by taking part of the load on the tractor during operation thanks to the support wheel attached to the machine and connected to the 3 point suspension system. Power transmission is  obtained via 2 shafts and gearboxes. The feeding unit consists of two drums and these drills have self-sharpening and bottom-cut lower knives. Thanks to these blades, a clean cutting operation is performed. There is a safety device against overloads on the machine. All of the feeder units are powered by a closed gearbox that does not require power. Through the design of the cutting mechanism of the silage machine, a regular silage is obtained. The fan with 12 cutting blades allows the corn to break down to a minimum of 5 mm. In particular, for the complete disintegration of dry corn grains, a cutting plate inside the cutting mechanism is available as standard. One of the most important factors for error-free and high quality silage is that the distance between sharp blades and blades and cutting plate is as narrow as possible. The grinding process is very easy and can be done in a short time thanks to the grinding device specially placed on the machine's cutting mechanism. Thanks to its powerful fan and fan pallets, the gearbox maize silage machine loads the silage quickly through the finished mooring platform. Thanks to the foldable chimney of the machine, it can easily pass through even the lowest places.