The ABOLLO DRUM MOWERS 185, is connected to the tractor three point suspension system and the movement is taken from the Pto shaft with 540 rpm and delivered to the drums through the belt pulley. With this system, the free swinging blades on the two drums rotating in opposite directions are opened by the effect of center force. is a meadow mower that mow the green feed plants (clover, grass plants, barley, oats, etc.) and barrel them to the field surface . Necessary prevention measures must  be taken against damages that may arise due to some obstacles in the field. Thanks to the spring arrangement on the machine, the machine flexes according to the roughness of the field and it is the obstacle to damage on the machine. The gears inside the gearbox are internally milled and grip at the top level. In this case, the wedge stripping problem has been removed. Cutting height can be adjusted by the flange placed in the bottom drums. Forage crops such as clove are harvested at higher heights, allowing plants to grow again. When we remove the flange that is placed in the lower drums, we cut the cutting height to the nearest distance and weave the weeds at the minimum level.